Monday, September 28, 2009

Leo Vieira In Malaysia

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An opportunity not to be missed

Once in a lifetime chance

With 1 of the Gods of Jiu-Jitsu

Bangkok BJJ Open 2009

Last week saw the whole bunch of us competing in Bangkok at the Bangkok BJJ competiton. As usual as with any competitions, win or lose, we came home learning something new or learning about the flaws in our games.

Overall, this time we only managed 1 medal BUT it was a gold medal, delivered by none other than our Darren who positively crushed all competition. Well done my friend, we are really proud of your achievement.

After taking a long break in Bangkok and consequently missing 2 classes, I must say I am determined to push myself harder. Well, as far as this old body can take me anyway. There's a whole lot to do but I think, honestly, I really need to improve on my stand-up game. If I were to score myself between 1 to 10, I would say that my stand-up game is a 2 (sad but true). So priority no. 1 is stand-up and priority no. 2 is to continuously improve on the basics of the ground-game.

There you sap suey.