Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Teluk Datai, Langkawi

The Dusky Leaf Monkey. One of the more docile members of the simian family

The Malayan Flying Lemur or Colugo. Check out the camouflage of the fur of the colugo and the tree bark

Hermit Crab - about the size of the palm of my hand several meters from the sea inland

Black Giant Squirrel (I think)

Nestled on the north coast of Langkawi Island is Teluk Datai, one of the more secluded stretches of beach on the island. It offers stunning views and if you are into animals from the rainforests, you are in luck. You can easily find a variety of hornbills, monkeys, eagles, squirrels, eagles etc in the rainforests estimated to be around 500 million years old, nestled around this bay.

I just got back from Langkawi with the family and I already miss it. Maybe I'll try to squeeze in another trip before the year is up. Fingers and toes crossed!

Here's the map to Teluk Datai :

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