Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Tweaking Needed

Just had my follow-up check with the doctor today and the verdict's in : I've gotta take the cholesterol lowering pills. 4 months ago when the tests results first came in the blood cholesterol levels were already elevated and the doctor gave me 4 months to watch my diet and perhaps bring the levels down.

Well guess what, 4 months later with me watching my diet, the cholesterol levels went UP higher albeit not drastically. Now I've gotta REALLY watch my diet. Blood glucose levels ain't too great either (I heard the term pre-diabetic being used when the doctor was discussing the matter with the Missus. That put the fear of God in me instantly).

Oh well, I suppose when life gives you lemons it's time to to make lemonade. Look out for a leaner me in the months to come.

p/s : anyone who's reading this, go for a full medical checkup as soon as you can. Don't be like me, thinking everything's A OK, I'm still young bla bla bla. Detect it early and tackle it early. Peace out.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

A 7 Year Old's Point of View

I really shouldn't be doing this but as I flipped through Dawncie's notebook/diary she had this to say about me, I shall reproduce word for word what she wrote :

"..papi has high colestrol that isn't good and his colestrol has gone higher and it is not, good indeed I hope his colestrol goes down if not, he may have to take drugs. I hope he doesn't end up like Michel Jackson Greatest signer and king of pop ... mom is very woried and I hope that some thing will work I don't want him (papi) to take drugs bye bye".

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Location:Jalan Klang Lama,Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

FightZone Rio In Da House

Just a short post. Today I had my 1st roll with BJJ Black Belt, Leke who hails all the way from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Leke fights with the CheckMat team and is an instructor at FightZone Rio.

Of course it goes without saying I gassed badly and used everything in my 'arsenal' and got owned pretty badly. Felt like the first day of BJJ class all over again. The fantastic thing about it is that I think Leke was only using 10% of his skills against our 100%. All said and done I can't wait for the next roll. It's when you get pummelled that you learn I suppose. (I think I might have learnt a new sweep). Nothing beats rolling with a black belt.

Of course, after class it was makan time. This is Malaysia after all.

That's Leke on the right

p.s. - Leke will be with us for a month, so if you are in Kuala Lumpur, swing by the academy for classes. It's an opportunity not to be missed

Click on this link for the academy's location via google maps:Persiaran Mahogani,Petaling Jaya,Malaysia

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Nusajaya, Johor

Last week I managed to drop by Nusajaya in Johor which I believe is part of the Iskandar Corridor. There were several new developments and believe me when I tell you, some of the houses were fancy.

Here is the video of the innards of 1 one the bungalows I visited (plus some pics). For $1,500,000.00 you too can have this

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Anderson Silva vs. Demian Maia - UFC 112

As far as the UFC is concerned I am a full fledged arm-chair warrior. I like the sport for the athletes it produces and the dedication put in by these fighters. I admire their discipline and work ethics in trying to become the best in their field. But once in a while something happens that really puts a damper in our view of things.

Take the recent UFC event held in Abu Dhabi with the main even being the Anderson Silva vs. Demian Maia fight with Silva being the chanmpion and Maia the challenger. From rounds 3 onwards, there was only 1 fighter in the ring. It was a weird fight to say the least with the champ dancing around the octagon and not engaging the challenger. I thought Anderson Silva was not giving the respect due to his challenger.

But the thing that really got to me was the never say die attitude of the challenger, Demian Maia. I am looking at this man in a new light. It was very obvious that he was out-gunned by the supremely lethal Anderson Silva but yet he was pushing forward trying to engage the champ and at 1 point even swinging and slugging at the champ from his knees and in the end, the challenger lost the bout on points.

BUT WHAT CAN WE TAKE AWAY FROM THIS? To me it is this : never say die, never give up and persist till the very end. In life you may lose your 'fight' (whatever that you may endeavour) but at least you know you tried your best and in the end that is all that matters.

Check out the link below to watch the fight :

Anderson Silva vs. Demian Maia Video - UFC 112