Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Tweaking Needed

Just had my follow-up check with the doctor today and the verdict's in : I've gotta take the cholesterol lowering pills. 4 months ago when the tests results first came in the blood cholesterol levels were already elevated and the doctor gave me 4 months to watch my diet and perhaps bring the levels down.

Well guess what, 4 months later with me watching my diet, the cholesterol levels went UP higher albeit not drastically. Now I've gotta REALLY watch my diet. Blood glucose levels ain't too great either (I heard the term pre-diabetic being used when the doctor was discussing the matter with the Missus. That put the fear of God in me instantly).

Oh well, I suppose when life gives you lemons it's time to to make lemonade. Look out for a leaner me in the months to come.

p/s : anyone who's reading this, go for a full medical checkup as soon as you can. Don't be like me, thinking everything's A OK, I'm still young bla bla bla. Detect it early and tackle it early. Peace out.

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