Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Doctor's appointment

Today I had an appointment with my physician to check me lungs. Had some difficulty breathing recently, whether it was real or imagine I do not know, hence the checkup.

It was apparently a toss-up between sleep apnea and asthma and so the good doctor proceeded to do a few tests on me and some probing. She had a look down my throat and said that the air passage didn't seem blocked. She was explaining that in some people who are overweight, there could be fats at the back of the throat that can impede the free flow of oxygen when a person breathes in. Thankfully that doesn't seem to be my problem. Remedy for the time being? : someone's gotta monitor my breathing when I sleep especially when I snore.

As for the asthma thingy, I had to inhale and exhale into this contraption. Bugger it took me several tries to get a reading. To cut a long story short, the reading on the machine indicated that there's no way in hell I have asthma. Woohoo!!

The 3rd and final hurdle. High cholesterol. The doctor gave me an option. She gave me 4 months to clean up my act and in exactly 4 months I'll have to take another blood test and if the reading's still high she'll have to prescribe drugs...uggh!!

So essentially I have 4 months to lower the cholesterol to acceptable levels failing which I get to take drugs that will essentially fuck up my kidneys and liver.

Anyway, here are some pics of the food I denied myself today

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