Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ling Sen Tong Temple

Took a drive to Ipoh this morning for work and on the way back I decided to stop by the Ling Sen Tong Temple, a Taoist temple located at the foot of a limestone hill just outside Ipoh. Apparently this is the first of 3 temples located on the same stretch of the road or shall we say on the same side of the Gunung Rapat.

I've taken a few shots of the temple with my handy Nokia N8 and believe me the pictures do not do justice to the place which are way nicer. Except for a few visitors, the temple grounds were generally empty

Three famous characters from Journey To The West

This is the neighbouring Nam Thean temple

On the grounds of the temple itself you will find many swiftlets. The nests of some species of swiftlets are built entirely from threads of their saliva, and are collected for the famous Chinese delicacy bird's nest soup. Check out the video below of the swiftlets nesting on the temple arch.

If you are interested, here's the map to the temple location :

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