Monday, May 11, 2009

Manila 2009

Team CheckMat Malaysia/Escobar BJJ left for Manila last weekend to attend the 2009 Pan Asian BJJ/No-Gi International on the 2 - 3 May 2009. It was a good time all round for the team as it was an opportunity for the entire team get some competition experience especially for us newbies. Fang, Alex & I have previously competed in Singapore and since that was our first time, we thought it would be a good idea to do it again. More importantly Manila presented the team with an opportunity to bond also.

I also got to catch up with some old pals like Albert who is now fighting out of Sarawak and whom I have not met in more than 2 years I think. New friends were also made and hopefully we can keep in contact (through Facebook)

Of course I would like to thank Alex for taking me & Sumi out for a short sight seeing tour around Manila. It is much appreciated bro.

Anyway, I've not had the time to edit the videos and so for now here's just a simple slideshow of the trip.

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