Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bored Bananas

Today I was back in Kuantan again for some work matter at the Land Office. That was disposed off quickly enough which left me with a bit of time which I spent mostly at the family home visiting my mom.

At the time of writing, mom's busy with her gardening and I was out there for a bit accompanying her. She with the rake and me with the camera. And since there were some banana trees in the compound, I decided to take some pictures. These are the results. I know I know, I was bored and there wasn't much really to do here at home.








But a bit of good news, while preparing to upload these fotos, Pastor Hugh Smith dropped in for a visit to see how mom was doing. I've known Pastor Smith almost my entire life (actually since I was 5). He first came to Malaysia in 1976 as a missionary and was here for many years. He subsequently left for other parts of the world to spread the Word and returned to Kuantan to retire several years ago. 86 years old and still full of energy. Man of God, nuff said.

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