Sunday, April 26, 2009

Açaí Baby

If you ask any BJJ exponent from Brazil, they will do 1 of 2 things. Firstly they ask you if you have tasted açaí and secondly they will ask you if they can find açaí in Malaysia. I've been told that açaí is a type of berry and it's usually ice blended, served cold (obviously) and mostly mixed with granola and I am told it's popular among BJJers in Brazil as it is an energy booster. The picture above which I downloaded from wikipedia should give you an idea of how it looks like when it is served.

More importantly, açaí is I am told and amateurishly verified through the net , high in antioxidants and wanting to believe the hype I've bought Berry Splash which is "Powered with Acai Berry'. It comes in powdered form and doesn't taste all that bad. If I've got the time I will write a follow up review. Hopefully I'll get a bit of benefit on the antioxidant front failing which I'll just enjoy this overpriced Ribena with the kids.

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