Tuesday, April 21, 2009

DoubleTake with PJ Old Town

PJ Old Town 2
PJ Old Town (taken from my Office window)

I've been fiddling about with this piece of photo stiching software for a few days now and I must admit I kinda like it. Basically it is the "nano" of stitching software. Drag & drop your images onto or into DoubleTake and it will stitch the photos together into a 'panorama'. It is that simple.

The above picture is actually 2 pictures stitched together and as you can see, it is not too bad. Nothing fancy, it's just for fun and unfortunately fun costs approximately €17.95 (RM85.00)

For further information, you can visit http://echoone.com/DoubleTake/

p.s. : can you see the 2 guys sitting on the roof? Click on the picture to get the full view at flickr

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