Monday, April 6, 2009

The Lunch Conundrum

Nasi Campur


Ikan Pari

Ikan Keli

Restoran Anjung Merah II

1 of my favourite places for lunch is at Restoran Anjung Merah II which is located in USJ3A, Subang Jaya. It serves fantastic Malay food with its speciality being ayam kampung goreng & ikan pari bakar (I think). I am not much of an ayam goreng guy and consequently one of the dishes that I never miss is the goreng ikan keli (or fried catfish) sloshed with dollops of sambal . Who would have thought that I might actually like catfish!

The downside of this place is that prices can be a bit higher than other comparable makan joints. However the good thing is that it is located a little bit out of the way and consequently parking is not a hassle even during lunch hours. If you ever find yourself stuck in Subang Jaya during lunch hour, give this place a try, you will enjoy it.

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