Saturday, February 19, 2011

Suprise Guest

Saturday, 19 February was just another weekend as far as I was concerned and when 330pm rolled by the few of us just went to the academy for another jiu-jitsu class. Imagine to our surprise when Prof John Frankl swung by to pay us a visit. Well, his intention was to see Marcos but unfortunately Marcos was attending a convention in Singapore.

Aaron was going to teach class but since we had a visiting black-belt with us, Aaron decided to ask John if he would mind taking class for the hour. To our delight he obliged us and then it was virtually a 1.5 hours of private lessons for the bunch of us with the focus on escaping from the opponent whose game-plan is to tie you up from the bottom to delay time. And damn was it good or was it good!

After class, we started our Open mats and John rolled with bunch of us and and in-between gave us pointers on our respective games and hopefully we didn't embarrass ourselves while rolling.

Click on this link for a short bio of John.

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