Thursday, March 5, 2009

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar : Checkmat Malaysia

In about 2 weeks time our gym will be having a BJJ Seminar with classes to be conducted by Marcos and Chico. One thing you have to know about me and it's this : I am a lazy git. But nevertheless I can assure you guys that I will be attending.

I can give you a thousand excuses why I don't want to go but despite that, I will be there and I will tell you why. Let's face facts, it is a huge deal to have a BJJ Black Belt exponent in Malaysia or even within the ASEAN Nations. We have Niko Han in Indonesia and Cristiano Carvalho in Singapore and Marcos Escobar in good old Malaysia. With this seminar there will be 2 BJJ black belts in our midst and I can tell you it sure hell saves a lot more money to have them come here and teach than for us to go over to Brazil.

And to tell you the truth, I will be hitting 38 this year, yep you heard me right...38 (having just taken up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 2 years ago) and that means this sport is getting tougher by the day for me and so I just want to go out there and absorb as much as I can before...well before I call it a day as far as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is concerned. But honestly I am quite happy with my progress so far. I am just keeping to the basics, constantly improving on them (I hope) and improving on my cardio

Tentatively I've been told that the first day of the seminar will deal with fighting from the bottom and on the second day fighting from the top. Actually I hope to see most of the guys from our gym attend and maybe from the other gyms too, correction especially from the other gyms. Opportunities like this don't come often and I hope it can be seen in that light.

The address and contact are as follows :

No. 8-3 JALAN PJU 5/10

tel. +6012 2206 064


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