Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Iron Time

It's almost to the year since I last set foot in a gym, meaning I have not run on a treadmill or lifted weights in a long long time. Not to mention the swims I used to do at the gym's pool. Honestly with the constraints of work, time on the mats and time with the family, time is really at a premium.

Previously, I was usually too damn tired to work out after BJJ classes (fatique would last several days after classes) but the good news is that my cardio or whatever you want to call it has improved considerably since those days. Nowadays I feel quite ok the day after BJJ classes unless it was an exceptionally tough class. The main reason I feel I need to get back to the gym is to improve my strength, by strength I mean 'killa' strength, strength that once I get you in my grips, there's no escaping.

The remaining question is whether I should go back to my old gym or try out a new one. Ahh...decisions, decisions, decisions. Any suggestions?


Quico said...

Hey Kenu... Iron, new Mac, Blue Belt... your life is changing bro!! :)

By the way... take a look on this... I think you were slimmer here... eheheh


Kenu said...

wow i look so different...ahahahah