Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just Another Nite...Not

To say that last Thursday (19/03/09) was just another night would be misleading. It was a night of double celebrations. Well, firstly the 4 stooges (Aaron, Fang, Me & Raul) got promoted to blue belts and to top it off we also celebrated Marcos' birthday. It was good to see everyone turn up for training and I am sure we were all surprised that each of us got to roll twice with Marcos & Chico (continuously) respectively. Of course we also celebrated the return of Chico from China after 3 months as head coach of China BJJ.

This guy is something else...just got off the plane, 1 hour in the car from KLIA to the academy, change of Gi and "let's roll". Chico will be in town for 2 weeks and guys if you are reading this, let's make full use of this opportunity and learn up as much as we can.

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