Friday, November 27, 2009

Aksyen Berlagak

Why is it that some Malaysians are so berlagak. I am at lunch at this vegetarian joint and I can't help but overhear the next table.

Yeah so the foreign waitress got the order wrong, instead of 8 BIG plates of whatever, she brought in 8 small plates of whatever. And then it started : it was all about ' I want to see the boss' ; 'you don't know how to speak English?' ; 'you don't know how to speak Bahasa?' ; 'I said I want to see your boss'

For fuck's sake lah, the poor girl probably has to repay some agent first to cover the cost of coming over to work before even earning a dime. And she gets this shit!

Man, I gotta get out of here before I cause grievious bodily hurt to someone.

Here's a pic of the family of assholes. If u recognise them, please tell them they were very close to ending up at SJMC....very close

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