Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Keep It Up Astro!

Astro tried to cheat me that day lah..2 of my olympic channels didn't have any transmission & so I called up Astro. Told them about it & at the same time also told them my other channels eg AFC, Channel V etc also gets no transmission.

So the guy on the phone said, they will send a technician over. The sports Olympic channel can be fixed for free but Channel V etc have to charge. So I said why some charge & some not charge since since I am paying monthly and Astro is not delivering?

Astro's reply : oh the olympic channel problem we have been having some technicalities but the other channels is due to hardware problems ie decoder and that my decoder is out of warranty. So I told him if it's decoder problem I shouldn't be getting ANY channels. Then Astro fella on the phone bullshit and say Channel V & the other channels is on a different higher frequency...aiyo wanna bluff oso bluff properly lah.

Anyway later their independent technician came and fix everything for no charge lah. KNN PKM Astro

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