Saturday, August 9, 2008

Quico' Farewell Party

Group Pic

Marcos, Fang & Quico

Master Chef Raul

Prem & Chris doing what they do best

The bunch of us hung out tonight at Fang's place for Quico's farewell dinner. Quico, as you may well know has decided to retire to Bali. It was an opportunity to catch up with the guys and to strenghten existing ties between the guys from Brutal BJJ, Crush MMA and KDTA.

Special thanks to Fang for hosting us and also to Raul for manning the barbecue pit thus ensuring that none of us left the party with an empty stomach. Viva la Mexico!

Get the original sized jpegs here (for a limted time only) :


Quico said...

Good fun Mr Kenu!! Thanks for the pics.

Kenu said...

absolutely no problem