Saturday, August 2, 2008

Welcome to Sin-Free City

THE city of Shah Alam, already without cinemas, night clubs or pubs, has shut the door on another form of entertainment — funfair.

That was the conclusion drawn by the councillors during the full board meeting held at Wisma MBSA on Thursday (31/07/08).The councillors have unanimously rejected the application from Green City Enterprise to operate a funfair at the Stadium Shah Alam parking area.

Shah Alam mayor Mazalan Md Noor said the decision might set new a precedent when it came to approving funfairs in the city. “Previously, we give approval for such applications at the department level. This is the first time we have brought the case to a full board for approval as we want to find out the councillors’ acceptance for such events,” he said.

Councillor Norhalim Sirome said such activity was not needed in the city as it had gaming elements.

However, he stressed that the public should understand it clearly that they did not reject all types of entertainment. “We want to make it clear that we do not reject all type of entertainment, especially when it is educational. “But this one is purely entertainment and may bring more bad than good,” he said.

Ok then, how about we put in an application to operate a family theme park. Let's see it's gotta have a lot of sand. I mean a lot of sand, the really fine type of sand, you know the type you can get from the desert. Then we have got to bring in the camels. For authenticity, we have to import the one-hump camel better known as the Dromedary camel and not the infidel Bactrian Camel or more commonly known as two-hump camel which is native to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia

Did I just say Mongolia? We definitely don't want any mention of Mongolia. The Deputy Prime Minister may not agree to officiate the opening of our theme park, but I digress.

Ok, so now we have our sand and our camels. Now we have to have pious residents for our theme park. I don't know about you but I nominate the entire Malaysian Cabinet. Since our Anti Corruption Agency can never find any dirt on them, they by my estimation have got to be the cleanest of them all. And oh the entry fees, payment can only be made with Riyals in line with our 'Look Middle-East' policy

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