Friday, August 1, 2008

Talk About Inflation Being Under Control.....Not

I just received my July electricity bill and guess what? I now have to pay approximately RM200 more than my previous bills. Thanks a lot KERAjaan Barisan Nasional for approving the tariff hike.

This is what TNB in its website had to say :

Dear valued customers,

Effective 1 July 2008, a new electricity tariff structure will be in place.

The new tariff is necessary due to the escalating fuel costs, particularly gas and coal prices.

These are several quick facts about the new electricity tariff:

No increase for domestic / household consumers with consumption of up to 200kWh (or RM43.60).

Lower percentage increase for low voltage industrial and low voltage commercial consumers with monthly consumption of up to 200kWh, compared to consumers in their respective categories

The 10% discount for government schools, government institutions of higher learning, welfare homes and places of worship is maintained.

RM43.60? RM43.60? Is it even possible to achieve this figure?

Anyway in response, this is what I have to say : KNN BN

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